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  Žemynos g. 13C, Vilnius
Tel: +3705 2490606
Mob. +37060077868 Aleksandras
Mob. +37060077884 Piotr
Mob. +37060077854 Dainius
Mob. +37067040666 
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  Laisvės pr. 43E Vilnius
Mob. tel: +37064073337 Mantas
Mob. tel: +37064072227 Saulius
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  Viršuliškių skg. 38, Vilnius
Tel: +37052400281
Mob. tel: +37064700008 Anton
Mob. tel: +37060077853 Ignas
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  Kauno g. 45, Vilnius
Mob. tel: +37066099666 Olegas
Mob. tel: +37066799666 Erikas
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  Vilkpėdės g. 2A, Vilnius
Tel: +37052338787
Mob. tel: +37060077978 Saulius
Mob. tel: +37060077985 Arūnas
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  Liepsnos g. 2, Vilnius
Tel: +37052311772
Mob. tel: +37060077986 Andrius
Mob. tel: +37067442288 
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Engine Oil
From now, you can buy the original engine oil at an attractive price.
Currently we offer BMW, Opel, Ford and Toyota brand cars original engine oil.
Filming site
Car repair shops have multiple functions: not only repaired the vehicle, but also carried out a range of other work, such as filming site.
Auguste Vedrickaitės video clip (V. Grube photo.)
Articles about Augusta recent activities:
Megamesta auguste2
The wheel alignment cheaper.
The wheel alignment (geometry) cheaper. From now on, the wheel alignment a few times cheaper. It is recommended to restore the wheel geometry by changing the relevant part. Also changing summer tires to winter and vice versa.
Free Services
We want to impress our customers with free of charge services such as engine oil change, brake check, certified stand-beam check, setting the cooling fluid temperature, technical assessment of the suspension.
Liqui-molly oil
We started marketing Liqui-minor motor and transmission oils, greases.For each oil changing, You get Liqui-minor additive to the engine, which cleans entire fuel system, improves engine performance, reduces smoke, charred log and removes plaque. Additive for both diesel and gasoline engines.